ROCKDALE COUNTY SOCIAL MEDIA THREATS: 2 teens arrested, accused of making violent threats at school

X Scalper

ROCKDALE COUNTY, Ga. – Conyers police have arrested a 14-year-old boy and 15-year-old boy for allegedly making “very specific, violent threats” to students and teachers on Monday.

According to police, the 15-year-old Magnet School student is accused of posting a video on social media regarding one of his teachers.

We’re getting reaction from the community and working to learn what’s next for the boys involved – on Channel 2 Action News starting at 5:33 p.m.

The teen allegedly threatened to kill the teacher “via a violent sexual act” if he didn’t get a certain grade on an end-of-the-year project. Police said he also threatened to blow up the school.

The teen never showed up at school Monday, and he was eventually arrested while in his parents’ custody. He is being held in a youth detention facility.


Later on Monday, police said they were notified of additional threats made by a 14-year-old Rockdale County High School student.

Investigators said the 14-year-old warned classmates to not wear headphones at school or else they would be shot in the back. He allegedly had a list of teachers and students he planned on shooting Tuesday.

Police, with the assistance of the FBI, tracked down the boy and took him into custody early Tuesday morning.

“We want to assure students and their parents that we do not take such threats lightly,” Conyers police Chief Gene Wilson said. “Officers worked throughout the night to ensure the safety of our students and teachers as this semester draws to a close here before the holidays. Thank you to the FBI and Rockdale County school administrators for helping us maintain a safe environment for our students.”

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