Nintendo Dominated The Game Awards, And Here’s Why

X Scalper

rainslacker2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

Based on what metric though? I know there are tracking sites which can sometimes put these things into context, but was that done here? Or is the entire article based on some anecdotal observation by the author, or worse, just their own personal feelings on how impressed they were with Nintendo?

I’m not saying Nintendo didn’t have any presence, or didn’t make a splash at the show, just that dominating is kind of a strong term to use in the face of the actual news I’ve read that came from the show.

GOW winning the show over RDR2 is a pretty big story. Mostly because it was unexpected because the VGA’s seem rather biased. But the story itself will probably surpass the stuff that Nintendo showed, merely for the fact its going to make for great console war arguments going forward.

Nintendo is getting attention, which you’d expect from marketing, but that doesn’t mean they dominated anything. You see attention given to the stuff that MS or Sony showed as well.

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