Marshall’s smart speakers feature Google Assistant

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Announced back in August, Marshall’s Acton II Voice and Stanmore II Voice speakers with built-in Google Assistant are now available.

The two smart speakers feature all-black vinyl with gold accents that Marshall is known to use on its other products. Much like their predecessors, the Acton II Voice and Stanmore II Voice feature top panel controls that bring back memories of analog adjustments.

Marshall Action II Voice speaker wtih smartphone resting on top of it. Product image, top-down. Marshall

Each speaker also includes a Class D amplifier for the woofer and two Class D amplifiers for the tweeters. The larger Stanmore II Voice gets predictably louder (101dB) than the smaller Acton II Voice (98dB), but the gulf isn’t very wide.

The similarities continue with connectivity. The Acton II Voice and Stanmore II Voice feature Wi-Fi connections for high-resolution audio streaming. You can also connect via Bluetooth, Spotify Connect, an RCA cable, or a 3.5mm cable.

The highlight feature of the two speakers, however, is the built-in support for Google Assistant. That means you can control smart home devices, ask for the weather, set reminders, and much more with just your voice.

Thanks to the far-field microphone array in each speaker, the Acton II Voice and Stanmore II Voice understands you even when your music is turned up. As a bonus, both speakers also feature built-in Chromecast support for multi-room audio.

The $299.99 Acton II Voice and $399.99 Stanmore II Voice are now available on Marshall’s website.

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