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*WARNING – The video attached contains graphic language*

Flint Police released a statement after a video of a Lapeer County Detective expressing negative comments about the city’s police department circulated around social media.

Chief of Police Timothy Johnson, the administrative staff, and the ranking file said they were deeply offended by the unprofessional remarks made by the detective when they learned about the video on Wednesday, Dec. 5.

“It is obvious that the detective in the video is unaware of the work that our city of Flint Police officers are doing on a daily basis,” wrote Det. Sgt. Tyrone Booth in a press release. “The city of Flint Police Department has some of the most dedicated men and women who proudly serve the great citizens in the city of Flint. It is also obvious that the detective is unaware of the reduction across the board in violent offenses in our city.”

The police department said homicides are down by 10.81 percent, violent crimes are down by 20.81 percent, property crimes are down by 12.48 percent, and all crimes since 2017 are down by 15.86 percent.

Flint Police added that many of the crimes committed in the city of Flint are by individuals that do not live or work within the 32 square miles that the officers serve.

The Lapeer County Sheriff Scott McKenna said his office is conducting an internal investigation into the video.

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Flint Police said they made contact with the sheriff’s office and expects the investigation to be thorough but fast.

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