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KOTA KEMUNING residents are banding together to oppose the proposed new hypermarket at the fringe of their lake and public park.

Individual residents are doing what they can to garner support against the upcoming project on an empty plot of land belonging to the Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) beside Sinaran Business Park 2. The land was initially set aside for a bazaar.

The lake and nearby park is a favourite spot for Kota Kemuning residents. Many visit the park daily and on weekends, families can be spotted flying kites on the land that is earmarked for development.

The residents’ pride is visible on the Kota Kemuning Facebook page where they often post photos of the lake and its surroundings.

Kota Kemuning residents are using Facebook to lobby against the proposed development of a hypermarket next to this park.

The Facebook page administrator also conducted a poll to gather feedback from residents after StarMetro highlighted the issue on Nov 7.

At press time, 832 people said they were opposed to the idea of having a hypermarket in the area, 66 agreed while eight people were indifferent.

On Dec 1, an individual was spotted handing out a copy of StarMetro’s article to passers-by with notes in Bahasa Malaysia on why the development should not take place.

Some of those who took the pamphlets then posted it on the Facebook page and circulated it via social media to inform others of the issue.

One user calling himself Peter Chung said although the hypermarket was part of the original masterplan, it should not be freely implemented if an environmental and traffic impact assessment showed it would have a negative impact on the area.

“A wrong must be corrected and not blindly followed,” he said on Facebook.

Geraldine Wong said her husband brought home the pamphlet on Dec 1 after going for his usual run in the park.

She felt the need to reach out to residents who were in the dark like her by posting it on Facebook.

“No one in our neighbourhood will be spared from these changes and everyone needs to know!” she said in an inverview via Facebook Messenger.

Wong fears the hypermarket will worsen traffic as residents and visitors will be using the same main road. The completion of a mosque will also bring more vehicles into the area.

Wong said many elders frequent the park as well as runners like her.

“Some residents pointed out the masterplan was drawn up years ago. Plans can always be reviewed.

“Kota Kemuning is a peaceful neighbourhood, and I hope town planners will see how essential it is for them to meet the needs of the community and building sustainable cities,” she stressed.

Another resident, Eric Lim, said he is a regular user of the park and wanted to preserve the pristine beauty of the lake and maintain its clean environment.

“A hypermarket is a definite no no. Already a large area of Kota Kemuning is infested with crows and many can be seen around the lake area,” Lim said.

He added that the situation would only get worse with the addition of a massive new structure so near the lake.

Kota Kemuning Residents Association (KKRA) secretary Vivien Khoo believes many residents have complained via MBSA’s e-Aduan app.

“Including those from KKRA committee members, we believe more than 20 complaints have been lodged so far,” added Khoo.

KKRA has submitted an objection letter to Shah Alam mayor Datuk Ahmad Zaharin Mohd Saad but have not received any news.

The proposed hypermarket will be built on a 0.8ha plot of land next to the Kota Kemuning lake.

The proposed hypermarket will be built on a 0.8ha plot of land next to the Kota Kemuning lake.

Meanwhile, area MBSA councillor Kamarudzaman Sanusi said the development had been approved before he took office.“Having such a structure beside the lake would not blend well with the surroundings,” he stressed.

Kamarudzaman said the company involved submitted their development Plan to the One Stop Centre (OSC).

In a meeting last month, he rejected the plan and asked for the subject to be discussed again at the Privatisation Committee.

“Building on the site will deprive the public of a recreational space,” he added.

Kamarudzaman said any development should not be at the expense of public amenities. “The open area is currently used as a parking lot for those using the park.

It can also be used by Muslim worshippers once the Kota Kemuning mosque is completed.

“The space can be turned into a food truck venue and still generate income for MBSA.

“Vendors can use it at night and the public can utilise the area during the day,” he said.

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