Epic Games Store Is Now Live, Offers a Free Game Every Two Weeks

X Scalper

porkChop1h ago

The only reason Steam is this good is because of competition. In the past 10 years we’ve seen many new sites and clients pop up. And how’d that affect Steam?

We get massive Steam-wide sales every quarter, we get tons of weekly and even daily flash sales, we regularly get free weekends for some big games, we’ve gotten much requested features like screenshots, FPS counter, Steam Broadcasting, etc. I mean the list goes on.

The competition has driven Valve to constantly evolve Steam and to actually listen to the community. Steam was barebones for years, and Valve took their sweet time making it better. It wasn’t until they started getting real competition that they kicked things into high gear.

If you like Steam so much then you should be happy, because this will undoubtedly push Valve to do even better.

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