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In the digital age, the shop floor isn’t the only place that manufacturing puts in work. Today, many industrial companies are incredibly active on social media, sharing their stories and interacting with fans and followers. If you want to get in on the conversation, or see how a manufacturing company can effectively leverage social media, these are the accounts you want to follow. 


Facebook continues to be the dominant social media platform, even despite recent news of the network flubbing video advertising metrics. This social media giant has grown into a space for businesses to market themselves through online interactions with prospects and customers alike. Here are some companies who get our thumbs up for using Facebook right.

Rockwell Automation, Inc.
With just under 158,000 followers, Rockwell uses Facebook to promote diverse content with videos, blogs, and a perfect place to promote the events the company has coming up. Rockwell uses visual creatives to tell their story and engage with followers.

UNIDO – United Nations Industrial Development Organization
What’s great about the UNIDO Facebook page is its ability to stay on brand. Upon clicking onto the page, your hit with a bold profile picture and a cover image that has powerful brand messaging that details what the page is all about.

United Steelworkers
The United Steelworkers Facebook page does a great job of posting individual campaigns, which are categorized easily with hashtags. For example, with elections coming up they’re promoting the companies political program through employee posts around the hashtag, #USWVotes.

With over 200,000 followers, Thyssenkrupp often posts content from its blog and followers gain a real understanding of the kind of culture that the company boasts.

Who doesn’t know GE? This power giant is the epitome of what we should all be doing on our Facebook pages. GE posts diverse content and media that is almost always timely and newsworthy.


With video marketing becoming an increasingly essential part of any content marketing strategy, establishing your channel on YouTube is a requirement for any business. 

The IBM YouTube channel does a great job with a lot of things, but something that stands out is the use of testimonial videos. Short testimonial videos help the company build credibility.

Tesla has a plethora of video content on its YouTube channel, but there’s one type of video that stands out from the rest. The abundance of product demonstration videos allows Tesla to show the benefits and proper use of its products and technologies.

Modern CNC Machines
This YouTube channel stands for everything satisfying and interesting. The account is not attached to any specific brand, but it’s content is worth sharing and talking about. See for yourself.


Instagram isn’t just for individuals anymore; it’s a platform that helps brands, businesses, and companies to humanize their content, sell products, and connect with like-minded individuals through media. Below are the top profiles we recommend following for some “manufascinating” content.

Manufascinating Instagram




Hashtags are a great way to follow topics, trends and different posts related to specific categories. Here are the top hashtags we follow on Instagram:



Last but not least, Twitter is another great platform to promote your business and engage with prospects. However, this is an extremely fast-paced environment. According to Wiselytics, “the shelf life of one tweet is four times shorter than anything you post on Facebook.”


KUKA Robotics USA Twitter

KUKA Robotics USA – @KUKA_RoboticsUS
With 20,000+ followers, KUKA Robotics tweets live from industry specific events, and the company’s personality shows through the tone on their twitter feed.

Manufacturing Day – @mfgday
Everything manufacturing. All in one spot.

Plastics Today – @plasticstoday
Plastics Today stands as the global community for plastics professionals. This profile follows and posts about specific hashtags including: #injectionmolding, #resin, #plastics, #blowmolding, #thermoforming, and more.IndustryWeek – @IndustryWeek

IndustryWeek – @IndustryWeek
Industry week is a great profile for manufacturing business leaders as it explores the issues, strategies, trends and technologies that build more competitive and profitable companies.

SpaceX – @SpaceX
Who doesn’t love all things space related? SpaceX tweets live updates about rocketship landings, liftoffs, successful deployments, and awesome projects the team is working on. Although the average shop floor may not be as cool as a SAOCOM 1A orbiting the earth, this profile proves that content is queen. 

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If your manufacturing company doesn’t have a presence on social media, it is time to get started. Take a page out of the playbook of the companies above to give yourself a head start. 

If you have questions about finding your companies place on social media, check out our eBook, Boosting Your Business With A Strong Social Media Community.

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