SuperData: Players who pay for subscriptions spend 45% more on games

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Switch4One6h ago(Edited 6h ago)

It might sound shocking until you do the maths.

15% of 273 million is $40.95 million for the quarter (3 months).

For argument sake, dividing that by 3 is 13.65 million per month.

Game Pass is $10 per month tops. Meaning we are looking at 1.4 million minimum users for Game Pass per month.

PS Now on the other hand is $142 million per quarter.

Again for the sake of argument let’s divide that by 3 months to $47.3 million per month

PS Now is $20 per month tops. Meaning we are looking at minimum 2.4 million users for PS Now per month. ($47.7 million/20$)

Not so shocking now is it, that 15%?
52% vs 15% revenue quickly becomes 1.4 million vs 2.4 million subscribers which isn’t all that surprising considering that PS4 has double the market.

EA access adds a further 2.91 million subscriptions on Xbox One with its 16% due to its $5 per month asking fee.

PSNow: 2.4 million subs*
Game Pass: 1.4 million subs*
EA access: 2.91 million subs*

*These are of course estimates because the totals don’t account for subscriptions purchased on sale/discount. The actual numbers are likely higher for each service but EA Access has the highest subscriptions and attach rate.

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