Square Enix officially confirms Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition production cancellation

X Scalper

Kurisu5m ago

Final Fantasy XV – what a disaster. It is and always will be “that game that wasn’t Final Fantasy XIII”.

Was Tabata to blame? No. Square Enix were far too ambitious with the announcement of the Fabula Nova Crystallis project in 2006 and it bit them in the ass. Tabata was a victim of circumstance and was left to pick up the pieces and had to get the game out for getting the game outs sake. Thus we ended up with a game with its own anime series, CGI film and DLC episodes just to get the “full” FFXV experience.

Its a real shame. I wish him all the best with his new studio where he can work at his own pace and release the game when he’s ready, not when Square Enix is ready.

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