Social media hinting Bryce Harper to Sox?

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Social media is buzzing with Chicago White Sox rumors that Bryce Harper may be on his way to the Chicago.

Rarely should you put a lot of faith into rumors. However, it’s hard to ignore the variety of Chicago White Sox rumors that are out there on social media suggesting slugger Bryce Harper might be on his way to the South Side.

It began about a week ago with an innocuous Instagram post from Harper wearing a Chicago Bulls hat. It raised a few eyebrows, but everyone knows Harper loves to troll, so some dismissed it as nothing more than Harper having a little fun with the fans.

After all, he commonly posts pictures of him with Kris Bryant and his wife, which has sparked a debate that he could be on his way to the Chicago Cubs.

Then again, everyone dismissed it when Allen Robinson posted a picture on Instagram of him sporting a Cubs jersey. How’d that work out for Chicago?

So in and of itself, the Instagram post above may not tell us much. However, what if I told you there was more to this story — and that this wasn’t the only tidbit that suggests Harper could be patrolling the outfield at Guaranteed Rate Field next year?

Cue a photo from inside the United Center, whose marquee displayed an interesting message. Take a look for yourself below. The photo was eventually deleted but clearly listed Harper’s name and No. 34 with the interlocking S-O-X logo.

Alright, so one picture is an isolated incident, and maybe two is just a coincidence. But wait, there’s more! Side note — I feel like the host of an infomercial trying to sell you a revolutionary cleaning product. In any event, there really is more to this rumor instigating social media blitz.

I’m addition to the post of the United Center marquee, Michael Kopech posted yet another intriguing and cryptic post on Instagram. You can read it in its entirety below, but essentially Kopech was commenting on the possibility that he might not be wearing the No. 34 in the future.

You know who else wears No. 34? You guessed it! Bryce Harper! Could that be the reason a number change could be forthcoming? Does he know something? Is he speaking in purely hypothetical terms? If so, why do it on social media?

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Unfortunately, these posts and pictures have only stirred the pot and probably created more questions than answers. Nevertheless, the White Sox have the money to give Harper the kind of contract he is looking for and is the kind of player that could jumpstart a rebuild. The White Sox have also been seen lately as a potential dark horse candidate to land him. So while they are nothing more than social media rumors, they should not be entirely dismissed just yet.

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