Is Microsoft Done Buying More Studios?

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Apocalypse Shadow12h ago(Edited 12h ago)

Flashpoint: alternate history of what should have happened

Microsoft comes off of xbox 360 on a high. Perceptually going toe to toe against Sony. Preparing for the next fight with Sony, and deliver a major blow, MS invests in Epic games for an undisclosed amount, beating out Tencent,Disney and others to the punch. With Tim Sweeny still in control.

Not only does it give Microsoft Geow, but Unreal Tournament and other properties and also direct control of Unreal Engine 4. Which would give them continued revenue and tools for 3rd parties. A megaton move. Bigger than Mojang.

At E3 2013, 2 action games are announced to be in development: The Samaritan as a launch title…
And the Infiltrator as a future title…

With Geow and Halo following soon after, and Forza Horizon as their racer, a new title that was in development called Fortnite brings a new style game:battle royal. Microsoft’s 1st party is on a roll.

But The Flash ran back in time to see his mother and the current DRM time line was formed with Microsoft getting dominated in the console arena…

Oh well. At least Caitlin became Killer Frost. Lol! If only Flashpoint didn’t happen. Where would Microsoft had been with all that money they have. We’ll never know. But they definitely wouldn’t need to buy struggling companies trying to stay afloat that will be used for Game Pass.

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