Free headphones (with a Gear S3) to applaud the Stoughton Musical Society

X Scalper

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Do you know what America’s oldest performing musical organization is? Any guesses? Nope, it’s not Guns N’ Roses. Or De La Soul. And definitely not Maroon 5.

It’s… *drum roll please* …the Stoughton Musical Society! Now (catchily) known as the Old Stoughton Musical Society.

The organization was formed on November 7 way back in 1786. Since then it has been doing musical things, like singing. And, uhhh… basically, the Stoughton Musical Society has done a lot of singing in the past 232 years.

And here’s the sweet link – you know what’s a good way to listen to singing? With headphones! In particular, the free pair of AKG Y50BT wireless headphones you get if you buy a Samsung Gear S3 smartwatchSmooth.