Ford Ranger Storm Concept is Another Awesome Truck the U.S. Doesn’t Get

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The new Ford Ranger isn’t even on sale in the U.S. yet, and we’re already a little disappointed. That’s because, despite offering the super cool Ranger Raptor in other markets, Ford‘s already said it won’t bring that model to the U.S. But with the introduction of the Storm concept, there are now two foreign-market Rangers that are making us jealous.

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Introduced at the Sao Paulo International Motor Show this week, the Ford Ranger Storm is an off-road pickup concept that looks ready to go on sale tomorrow. Unfortunately for us, if the Storm does go to production, it will probably only be sold in Brazil.

To create the Storm concept, Ford gave the Ranger an integrated snorkel, a roof rack, more protective body cladding, 17-inch alloy wheels wrapped in BFGoodrich all-terrain tires, off-road bumpers, running boards, and what appears to be a small lift. It also gets a “STORM” grille and tailgate, as well as an orange and black graphics package. Under the hood, the Ranger Storm has a 3.2-liter diesel engine that makes 200 hp, with shifting handled by a six-speed automatic transmission.

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Sadly, Ford hasn’t provided much more information on the Ranger Storm concept, so we have a lot of unanswered questions. But even without knowing all the details, we’re confident a truck like this would fly off dealer lots if Ford ever brought it to the U.S.

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