Fixing Android’s share menu is a ‘priority’ for Google

X Scalper

The latest update to Android — 9 Pie — has been a real treat to use. It’s been fun learning how to use the new gesture navigation, the subtle UI tweaks look great, and the improved notifications are a dream come true. Unfortunately, one thing that wasn’t addressed with the Pie update is Android’s share menu.

The share menu in Android has been a slow, stuttery mess for years, and software update after software update, still doesn’t show any signs of improving. However, according to Android’s VP on Engineering, big stuff is in the works.

Per David Burke on Twitter:

I wouldn’t hold your breath to see Android’s new share menu released anytime soon, but it’s very possible it’ll be available by the time Android Q rolls around. In any case, it’s at least reassuring to know that progress is being made on this front.

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