Every Sons Of Anarchy Easter Egg In Mayans MC Season 1

X Scalper

The first season of Mayans MC has come to an end and what a story it told. Sons of Anarchy fans hoping for a nice and easy follow up to the original series were in for a shock quickly, as they learned this particular club is riddled with fractures among its members.

Still, through new characters, a different location, and a healthy dose of references and Easter egg nods to Sons of Anarchy, Mayans MC has managed to become an exciting show to watch. One that, quite honestly, we can’t wait to have return.

How closely were you paying attention to this season, though? Did you realize the show was stuffed with Sons of Anarchy references, ranging from bringing back fan-favorite characters to even small nods to former plots?

After watching this season, we’ve dug through so much Sons of Anarchy lore that it’s as if the original show never ended. Thankfully, that’s amounted to a pretty comprehensive collection of the Easter eggs dropped into Mayans MC by co-creator Kurt Sutter and his creative partners on the series. How many of these did you spot? And what did we miss? Sound off in the comments and let us know!

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