Destiny 2: Forsaken Did Not Meet Sales Targets

X Scalper

AllMightyFox14m ago(Edited 13m ago)

knowing Activision/Blizzard is losing money makes me happy …
too many times in the past did I believe articles written to hype games so they got my $$$ before, but now that everyone can see the snakes for what they are I only hope they go out of business.

Destiny 2 was just like the first where they broke a game into pieces just to slowly sell us each piece at a marked up price.

Warmind & Osiris DLC where sold in a seasonal pass only to have both be devoid of content, then they market Forsaken with the price of an entirely new game …. (just like Blizzard who wants subscriptions)

There is 1 company I hate worse than EA for horrid consumer practices and they should be closed by the BBB & CPB …. but they’ll only do that after they go after those who write paid articles to lie to consumers and promote this garbage.

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