California Fires: Celebrities Use Social Media, Share Stories, Resources

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Refresh for updates As wildfires spread up and down California, forcing the evacuation of Malibu to the south and raging north of Sacramento in the so-called Camp Fire, Hollywood celebrities from Alyssa Milano to James Woods are using social media to share stories and spread word about missing people and available resources.

Director Guillermo del Toro tweeted that his memorabilia-stuffed Bleak House might be in danger – he evacuated last night – but that “the gift of life remains.” Bleak House holds the director’s vast horror-related collection, including more than 700 pieces of original art, life-size wax recreations of Hollywood horror characters, Alfred Hitchcock memorabilia, and various movie props.

“Evacuated last night,” del Toro tweeted today. “Bleak House and the collection may be endangered but the gift of life remains. Thousand Oaks and Agoura are still in danger. Malibu is being evacuated.”

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Actor Woods is using his Twitter account to link to a list of missing persons in the Camp Fire and SoCal evacuations. “The only hashtag I am using is #CampFireJamesWoods to keep it simple for folks under duress,” the actor wrote earlier. Later, he tweeted, “People have requested I do a hashtag for missing persons in the fires now raging in Southern California, like we did for the #CampFire. I’ll use #SoCalFiresJamesWoods People can exchange info using that hashtag on @Twitter searching for the missing or to announce they are safe.”

Milano shared that she’s been evacuated from her home, taking “my kids, dogs, computer and my Doc Marten boots.”

Wrote Rainn Wilson, “Please send your prayers to the people of Thousand Oaks and the victims of the shooting that are now having to evacuate their homes and neighborhoods. Then send them some cash.”

Director Kevin Smith sought help for a near-Malibu farm that needs help evacuating 40 horses, while Joe Rogan took the moment to thank firefighters and first responders.

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Earlier, Kardashian posted images of the Calabasas area from an airplane:

Then later, Kardashian posted an Instagram photo with her pajama-clad kids after evacuation. “North is always good,” she wrote.

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