Meet the Chinese console that’s like PS4 Pro – but with AMD’s next-gen CPU

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ImGumbyDammit17m ago(Edited 15m ago)

I don’t know who this is for. Sure the CPU is next gen but, it has less GPU computing power than the Pro. (3.9TFLOPS vs 4.2TFLOPS for the Pro). From the article, it looks like the company is going to first use this APU to build a Windows system, so it plays PC Windows games, right? How is that like the Pro or even like the more powerful X. At least the X up the power ante a year later. This device will be released 2 years after the Pro but still less graphically powerful. And both Pro and X have a complete ecosystem specifically designed to run games tightly within those hardware specs. Even when they bring out the other model (which is supposed to be more like a console) later on how will that work? It will be a completely different OS (not Windows and not Linux) so it won’t run any of those systems games. It will have no games from major publishers. Are the Chinese going to gobble this up for some reason I am not seeing?

What this really shows me is how hard it has been for AMD to actually scale up the graphic power of the Vega GPU in these new Ryzen based APUs. AMD still has not got past the GPU computing capability of the Pro and I worry how long it will take to reach 6 TFLOPS of the X. One would think that AMD by now would be running at least as well as the Polaris in the X.

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