Medical professional warns against ‘disturbing’ social media challenges

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Medical professional warns against ‘disturbing’ social media challenges (ABC7)

“You can see a teenager dousing himself in some kind of substance,” said Pediatric Trauma and Burn Nurse Practitioner, Elizabeth Waibel, as she watched a video online.

Waibel says watching videos and stories of what’s being called the “fire challenge” is tough.

“At the minimum, they’re going to have a painful dressing change. If not, be admitted to the hospital or an ICU or potentially lose their lives,” she said.

She says they have not seen any cases from this social media challenge at Children’s National Health System. It’s one of a string of social media challenges that she calls disturbing.

“I think the common denominator of all of these are the potential for severe, potentially even life threatening injury,” Waibel said.

“I don’t understand the desire, the need, the put yourself in danger just to get friends,” said Rockville resident, Marisa Lombardo.

“Parents have to be more vigilant to see what’s on their phones,” said Carla Rivera, a Washington, DC resident who said she was shocked to hear about the challenges on social media.

“Any type of injury that is broadcast on social media is nothing that should be accepted,” said Waibel.

She recommends open communication with your kids and rules around social media.

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